Ravina Makoran "Sea Queen/Sea Mother"

Astonishingly defiant and ambitious upstart Lhazaar pirate queen


Though Ravina stands a few inches shorter than the average Lhazaar woman, she more than makes up for it with her endless energy and determination. She has eyes like a calm shore and raven hair that sometimes appears almost blue. Very little of her practical garb betrays her position as a Lhazaar Prince. She bears a few pieces of simple jewelry including a black pearl choker she seems unusually attached to as well as a cutlass and numerous other hidden weapons. A headband depicting sea monsters restrains her hair and an often-used tankard remains tied to her belt. She has a confident and energetic face as well as a beautiful smile.


A self-declared Lhazaar Prince as of a year ago, Ravina already holds two considerable vessels in her fleet and her endless ambition means she is unlikely to slow her meteoric rise in power.

Ravina refuses to talk of her past but her appearance suggests humble origins.

Ravina Makoran "Sea Queen/Sea Mother"

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