Lucille d'Lyrandar "The Sea Viper"

A cold woman and expert marksman of Prince Ravina's crew.


Lucille is a tall and darkly beautiful half-elf woman with snow white hair and stormy grey eyes. Her pale skin, fine complexion, manner of speech, and method of holding herself all allude to the majority of her life spent as a scion of House Lyrandar. The mark of storm that she wears openly flashes just below her left collarbone; now made readily visible by her choice in pirate attire. She wears fine leather adorned with depictions of birds of prey and a hawk often rests on her shoulder or circles above.


Lucille joined Ravina’s crew relatively recently but has done a lot to prove herself. She is often the first to suggest a course of action when complications arise and possesses many skills useful in ship navigation. Her current relationship with house Lyrandar is unknown and she refuses to speak about it. She becomes coldly furious if anyone asks her, however, the story may still be coaxed out of Ravina.

Lucille d'Lyrandar "The Sea Viper"

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