Wise and deadly servant of the house ir'Engel


Han is as deadly as he is brilliant. My father respects this man more than anyone else, and for good reason.



When Han was a child, he fell in love with a girl who had aspired to be a wizard. He described her to me as an intelligent, charming and determined woman. They would often play together as children, and sharing their ideals, their interest and so on. Han told me that at the tender age of sixteen, she already had just as much promise as mages who had been in their senior years at well-renowned universities. So much that she was praised as a prodigy among his people, so much that wizards from around the world offered her apprenticeship. It wasn’t long before such promise and renown turned to spite from her peers, from her superiors, and even her loved ones. Of course, the naivety of youth would not allow Han or the girl to perceive how the world truly was, and so they were constantly embraced by blissful unawareness. One day, she proved how effective she was at magic by defeating the head master of some faraway land. Rather than simply counter-spelling an oncoming fireball attack, she developed a means to redirect the spell by changing its vector value. Thus, the fireball was reflected back at the user. It must have dumbfounded the head master, because he was unable to retaliate. In less than ten seconds, the wizard duel was decided. Though defeated, the head master congratulated her victory, and a feast was thrown in her honor. Han told me that the day after, they would go on their first date… it was a really cute, and endearing story. I saw a side of Han that I never knew existed. A softer side…

But he would go on to tell me that the night of that date is when everything in his life would change. She fell ill that night, and her body became so weak that the ensuing day that she couldn’t even put her clothes on. Han’s father was a very skilled cleric, and, after carefully inspecting the girls aura, found that she had been curse. The curse was of such a magnitude that when his father tried to remove it, the magic rebounded and sent him into a coma. Furious at what was happening, Han immediately sought out answers from the head master, believing him to be responsible. When he reached the head master, he denied any and all accusations of having had any responsibility. Unfortunately for the head master, he didn’t know that Han had the uncanny ability to discern the truth. He knew he was lying, but he didn’t have any conventional means of having the head master admit his heinous crimes. So Han kidnapped the head master, and tortured him until he admitted that he placed the curse on his beloved. The catch, however, was that he only did it at the request of an old friend… who happened to be his own mother. Before Han could ascertain anything more out of the wizard, he bit off his own tongue and bled out…

Han went home, only to find the people of his village were being devoured by what appeared to be werewolves… they were different though. Han described them as being without fur or flesh, dark ichor pouring out of bloodshot eyes that punctuated their bodies, gaping mouths on their arms that spouted profanities in different languages. Though horrified, he was determined to fight his way through, to save his beloved, and confront his mother… but at her household, all that remained was a bloody mess on the floor.
“Deep in my heart, I already knew that I was too late,” is what Han told me. He thought that fate would be kind. He thought he could get a happy ending. All that was left for him was to confront his mother. He went to his own home, a house nestled on the far outskirts of his village, and, sure enough, he found his mother, alive and well, packing her things, ready to leave. “She acted like she was happy to see me,” Han said. “But her eyes showed me what her heart said… and all it had for me was hate, contempt for her own son. Naturally, all I could ask her was why…”

I wasn’t sure of whether to be sympathetic or disgusted by the answer he told me. Apparently, the marriage between her mother and father had been going south, and it was rumored that the father had actually been an adulterous man in spite of being a cleric. She felt like her beauty had been tarnished by age, and with age came the crushing sense that her value as a person, the desire that she provoked, degraded. She even blamed Han, accusing him of leaving her for a half-human whore. She hated it. She hated the attention Han’s beloved had, all while she was fading away. She cried telling this to Han, she cursed the heavens telling this to Han. Han, in spite of having loved his mother very much, couldn’t overlook the atrocity she had done. So, without any weapon, he took his mother’s life, crushing her neck with his own two hands.

So marked the day Han took his first life.

When he went back his village, it had begun to be eradicated by the silver flame. The flames consumed everything. It burned so much that it was hard to breathe, and the sky was tainted black by the endless smoke.

In the aftermath of that event, Han was taken in by the Silver flame. He tried to help them investigate how his mother turned everyone into abominations, but no conclusion was able to be reached. Whatever research that mother had done, died with her that day.

As the years progressed, The Church of The Silver Flame raised and trained him in tracking, assassination, and all types of weaponry. He was mentored by a man named Kazuma, a man who was much like a father figure to Han. Growing up as an adopted son of The Church, Han originally had a lot of respect for The Silver Flame. However, Kazuma would constantly dismiss Han’s admirations, telling him that The Church is not what it seems. One day, Han asked Kazuma why, in spite of being such an active and well respected member of The Church, he held such a perspective. According to Kazuma, he had originally loved the church, but become disillusioned after learning about the truth of The Lycanthropy Purge. I’m not sure if this is valid or not, but Kazuma said that only original werewolves could turn other people into werewolves, and he also told Han that many victims had formed communities to work around their curse, that they had rehabilitated themselves and reintegrated back into society as functional, productive individuals. The Church, however, had a genocidal viewpoint, believing that those tainted were better off dead, regardless of whether they could spread the disease or not. Because of this, Kazuma believed The Church itself to be tainted, using their holy crusades to mask their sociopathic, genocidal nature. Kazuma would then tell Han that he is the first person among The Church that he’s ever shared his true feelings with. Han, though unsure of whether or not to believe Kazuma’s story, chooses to accept his feelings.

The day after, Kazuma was found dead in his home, his throat slit, streams of blood dripping off his bed, a pool of blackish crimson creeping across the floorboards. Han told me that he suspected someone to have eavesdropped on their conversation, and that Kazuma was branded a heretic for having such a stance against church. Since Han initially didn’t side with Kazuma’s viewpoints, he was spared. He wasn’t happy with what happened to his step-father, but he lacked the power to bring the church down himself. So he stayed with The Church, waiting until one day he would have the power to bring the entire system crashing to its knees.

He was in his early thirties when it had happened… when The Silver Flame executed a woman for having fallen in love with a vampire…


Combat information:

Han has pledged his allegiance towards me, but, under the circumstance that he does get dominated, here’s how he usually opens up a fight:

Han likes to keep his distance, so it is unlikely he will ever engage an enemy face to face. He used to be an assassin for the silver flame, and he took a rather active role in the last war, so he is rather adept in urban warfare.

One of his favorite, if not favorite, spells is quieting weapons. The way this spell works is simple: it negates the sound made by a weapon. He loves to kill from the shadows. Being a vampire, his ability to blend into the shadows is almost unparalleled. Combining his prowess with a silenced weapon, and you’ve got one hell of an ordeal…He usually keeps four to five scrolls of this spell on his person at any given time.

If he is forced to fight in the open, he’s incredibly fast, so he’ll likely be the first to make a move. When he does, he likes to cast ironskin to bolster his natural defenses. If he’s facing a lot of enemies who have ranged capabilities, he’ll most likely start the fight by casting fickle winds, instead.

Furthermore, he will always have water walk prepared. Being a vampire, Han told me that it would be a tragedy to die from falling into water. I can’t blame him.


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