Khain ir'Engel

The Prodigal Son...


A serene, slender man with skin as white as snow, Khain is a priest who stands six feet tall, and wears a high-collared red robe with a golden trim. His wild, black hair drapes over his predatory, yellow eyes, but his supernatural complexion is hauntingly alluring.

He comes off as an optimistic, altruistic person with a strong sense of responsibility, but, in absolute reality, he is a haunted, self-recriminating man with a past darker than the depths of Mabar…


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“How far would you go to live?”


Due to the initial influence of Eldaren, Chance was wary of Khain, suspecting him of aberrant machinations. Taking upon this, Chance shadowed Khain one day, only to find him going to a local apothecary. During that same day, Khain helped Chance bury his fallen friends, forging the bond between the two characters. While Chance often messes with everyone, including Khain, whether it be snarky remarks or minor kleptomania, Khain has a lot of respect for Chance, and the notion is well reciprocated. During one of their first adventures, Khain was visibly disturbed that Chance had almost died, and berated Eldaren for his foolishness. When Chance had actually died, many a time later, Khain didn’t hesitate to figure out a way to revive his fallen comrade. Recently, Chance has been helping Khain develop new spells and tactics for battle.

Da’al Wan:
Khain always had a positive disposition toward Da’al Wan, and they often worked in unison during combat. Khain took a particular interest Da’al Wan’s culture, particularly noting the fact that everyone is a slave for the early segments of their lives. During the battle at Zilargo, Da’al Wan was dominated by a succubus, and was thus given orders to kill Khain. Though he almost succeeded, Khain managed to undue the domination effect cast by the succubus. In spite of the tension caused from that battle, Khain and Da’al Wan quickly reconciled, their bond adamantium. Da’al Wan and Khain grew considerably close, to a point where Khain hoped that Da’al Wan had seen him as a brother. His death at the hands of Kelras deeply affected Khain; he often has nightmares of the horrid fate that had befallen his dear friend.

Originally spiteful toward Eldaren’s reckless behavior, he came to sympathize him after learning what had happened to his family. However, in spite of all the time spent together, Eldaren and Khain are constantly at odds. Not an adventure goes by where the two express some sort of disagreement, and, on an almost invariable basis, Khain is constantly frustrated by the actions of Eldaren. While Khain has accepted Eldaren for who he is, and while he considers him a true friend, Khain secretly fears that one day their differences will equate to their anguished undoing.

Khain hasn’t known Zeddicus for that long, but the two individuals appear to be on good terms with each other. Khain enjoys discussing the differences between Divine and Arcane Magic, particularly the moral dilemmas relating to the practice of necromancy, the way certain spells have a very interdisciplinary flavor, and how magic plays an instrumental role in the balance and distortion of life’s equilibrium.

Despite her cold, aloof nature, Lucille took a quick liking to Khain. She sharpened his finesse with a crossbow, and Khain was able to use the training he had with Lucille to optimize his spell-casting. During the short time Khain new Lucille, he had fallen in love with her hot and cold personality, the way she could freeze hell over one moment and ignite a passionate thirst to live the next. Unfortunately for Khain, Lucille had betrayed him, ending up in the employ of The Fury and eventually winding up in the cold clutches of his father. Desperate to save the one he loved, he forged a pact with his father, offering his services in enacting a dark ritual that would set in motions that would forever change the world, most likely for the worst…
The things people do for love…

Despite her fiercely unfriendly nature, Sonya eventually developed a mutual respect for Khain. Both of them fought together during the battle of unfathomable sorrow, an event which costed the lives of hundreds of nobles, innocent bystanders, and so forward. During the original timeline, the ritual was interrupted, and Sonya was killed by Kelras. During the new timeline, the ritual went as planned, and Sonya promised to retrieve Lucille, taking her back home to her family, never allowing any more harm to befall her.
Or so Khain can hope…

Khain was the first to find out about Ixi’s past, her inevitable destiny to save the world from an unknown, unfathomable terror. They initially had a friendly disposition towards each other, each of them interested in each other’s alien culture. The long time they spent apart after their initial adventures planted the seeds of longing, and those seeds grew into love. While Khain still had feelings for Lucille, he is unsure if would ever see her again, or if that would even be a good idea considering his father can always come back. Having said so, he didn’t turn down Ixi’s advances, and they enjoyed a blissful relationship together, up until the day she had to sacrifice herself for the greater good. Thanks to Ixi, Khain was able to have a small drop of hope in his otherwise depressing, soul crushing existence.

Sir Barrenzane:
The first dhampir Khain had ever met, Khain has an overwhelming amount of respect toward the paladin. Sir Barrenzane often warns Khain about his delicate situation, the way his existence hangs on a thread, dipping into the depths of vampirism and and rising back to humanity. Khain knows that any further abuse of his powers will lead him down a road he can’t recover from. Deep inside, Khain hopes that he can one day find the peace and equilibrium that Sir Barrenzane has.

Khain and Han have a very mutual respect toward each other. Unlike his father, Khain rather enjoys Han’s company, and Han has always enjoyed sitting down with Khain, telling him of his adventures growing up as a child. While under his father’s employ, and though he respects his father like a brother, Han doesn’t always agree with the way Lucien deals with his affairs.

Father Lucien:
Lucien sees Khain more like a tool to be used than a son, but that’s not to say he’s entirely indifferent to Khain’s well-being. He saved Khain from dying, and he isn’t unwilling to negotiate certain boons for the betterment of Khain’s growth. However, deals with Lucien might as well be deals with a devil, as he often seeks repayment in cruel, unapologetic manners.

Khain ir'Engel

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