Eldaren d'Deneith

Arcane blade-master and noble scion.


A tall and wiry man, Eldaren is not the typical picture one has of the Dragonmarked house of d’Deneith. Untrained in the physical arts of war, this young man has not the great martial prowess that first marked his house for greatness nor the Dragonmark for which his house is renowned, rather, Eldaren possesses a keen intellect and wit sharper than the blade he bears. Combined with his penchant for augmenting his skill with the dueling blade using the arcane arts, he is far more dangerous than he would appear. My other students have also learned through painful example that the finesse of the blade has carried over into the magic he wields, the twitch of an eye being the only indication a spell is about to be cast. Indeed, since the incident four years ago he has improved immensely, taking great pains to ensure his wards do not fail, especially when dangerous spells are in play. For that and his great attentiveness both to his studies and my safety, he has earned a lasting friend and ally, one that I expect he will call upon again in the years to come, just as I relied on him. It is my great regret that he can no longer be my apprentice, though I expect we will meet again.

-Sildon ir’Almarath, Eldaren’s longtime mentor and instructor.

Eldaren d'Deneith

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