Character tropes

Tropes that apply to each main character


Action Survivor: Each of the main characters have faced, and survived, immense odds throughout their adventures.

Anti Heroes: The moral ambiguity of the world has forced the characters to think outside of standard mindset of fantasy protagonists. While their motives may be heroic, they often have to resort to less than amiable means to achieve their goals.

Back from the dead: Various characters have died in the series, but powerful resurrection magic, and deals with demons, have prevented them from finding peace.

Beyond the impossible: So far, the protagonists have faced off against the avatar of death, a practical demigod from another dimension, and an eldritch abomination reminiscent of Cthulhu, just to name a few.

Determinator: No matter what they have been through, facing off against living nightmares, beings that warp reality, or the threat of annihilation from entire armies, any challenge is going to solicit the same reaction: no matter how dire the situation is, the protagonists

Fire forged Friends: Originally, none of the main characters trusted each other. Till this day, there is rarely an occurrence that lacks a heated argument or disagreement between one or more characters. However, in the end, the protagonist always have each others back.

Weak, but skilled: The main characters go up against enemies that, by all intents and purposes, should be impossible for them to defeat. From legendary war heroes to beings that brought the collapse of entire civilizations all the way to creatures whose very existences extinguish life and hope, the main characters have always found a way to win. Often requiring nothing less than a near flawless combination of their unique skill sets.


Character tropes

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