Welcome adventurers and prepare to become part of an epic story that will change the world of Eberron as we know it.

This game is about choices. Your decision to not kill a corrupt noble will be more significant than the strength of your sword arm. Who you take as friends will decide who becomes your enemies. Political knowledge can be just as dangerous as forbidden magical lore. Even the questions you ask can determine the difference between life and death. It is people who change the world; not spells, swords, or even mountains of gold.

Here you will find resources for your adventures including lore, maps, and records of the story’s progression. When you feel that you have something to contribute, please get my permission and then I will gladly allow you to make an addition to our records.

Without further delay, go forth! Explore what is offered here and wonder at what is to come. May the The Traveler guide your steps.

On a side note. If, for whatever reason, you happen to stumble upon this collection and are not a player in the game feel free to take a look around. Let me know what you think!

The Sundered Throne

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